Books for nature and macro photography

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Books for nature and macro photography

Post by AndrewC »

I think I offered to put up this list a while back but forgot all about it.

The following are a selection of books from my shelf which I find useful / inspiring:

Light Science & Magic by Fil Hunter and Paul Fuqua
Optics in Photography by Rudolf Kingslake
Color and Light in Nature by David K. Lynch and William Livingstone
Still Life and Special Effects Photography by Hicks and Schultz
Photographing the Patterns of Nature by Gary Brasch
Borne On The Wind by Stephen Dalton
The miracle of FLIGHT by Stephen Dalton
Insects In Flight by John Brackenbury
Macrophotography by Ronan Loaec
The Manual of Close-Up Photography by Lefkowitz
Art and Science of Butterfly Photography by William Folsom
Photographing Plants and flowers by Paul Harcourt Davies
Close-up and macro photography by Paul Harcourt Davies
the art of nature photography by Niall Benvie
Closeups in Nature by John Shaw
Nature Photography by John Shaw
Focus on Nature by John Shaw
rgds, Andrew

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Post by Craig Gerard »

In addition to Andrew's list (some of which, as a consequence, I have since purchased or already have in my collection).

During the course of a recent forum discussion the author Paul Harcourt Davies was mentioned.

I purchased the following books and found them to be insightful and of benefit for macro and close-up photographers in the beginner to intermedate level. Although, many of the setups and techniques displayed in the book are rather familiar and used by some of the more 'seasoned' photographers on this forum.

The first book listed below also explains some of the the fundamental differences between Medium Format, 35mm SLRs and Digital DSLRs when dealing with macro and close-up photography.

Small Things Big by Paul Harcourt Davies
(ISBN 0715316885) Publish date: 2003.

Digital Close-up and Macro Photography Q&A by Paul Harcourt Davies
(ISBN 13:978-1-60059-899-9) Publish Date (this edition) 2012

Various online articles by the author are also available.
One example: ... hotography

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