Thirsty fly

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Thirsty fly

Post by rjlittlefield »

I like wild nature shots, but sometimes you just can't avoid "the hand of man".



This fly was a species I did not recognize, especially the large light face. But it seemed friendly and harmless, so I spent some time shooting snapshots as we ate lunch together.

Background of the first picture is Swauk Creek Canyon, one of the natural area preserves managed by the Nature Conservancy here in Washington State. I'm afraid I spent most of the day just feasting my eyes on the flowers and bugs, while listening and talking about the area we were touring.

It was an excellent day. I hope you enjoy these couple of pictures -- they are really all I shot!


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Post by NikonUser »

One of my favourite groups for photographing; so many species and so difficult to ID beyond family (Tachinidae).
Nice shots.
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Post by rjlittlefield »

Aha! So then it's harmless to me, but a dreaded parasitoid to some other insects?


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Post by Planapo »

Very nice, Rik! I like the way the background is integrated in #1, and that you name the location. I usually copy and paste that in google maps and alike and hover a bit over the place to see what it's like.

Besides, #1 somehow depicts the resemblance of man to the hairy beast, doesn't it? :) :wink:
I am inclined to hand over my lady shaver... to both of you! :lol: :wink: :wink:

Now seriously, some flies, like this one, can look quite cute, especially if one knows that their life history doesn't include any 'repulsive habits'. I recall, some time ago we were hiking in the Alps and climbed up to a peak named Muttjöchle, Austria (google maps finds it immediately) where we had lunch break beneath the cross on the summit. All over the place were cute looking, big, blond, furry'n fluffy flies flying around and from time to time, unsuspiciously and calmly resting on the rocks, our stuff and us, without being annyoing. Later I found out that those were flies of the genus Cephenemyia :shock: , probably gathering there to mate.


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Post by Dalantech »

Excellent set Rik!

The hair reminds me of a Tachinid, but beyond that I have no idea.

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Post by MarkB1 »

Good on you, to exercise your pet - looks like. Good shots too.

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