First Couple of Weeks 3.7x-8x

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First Couple of Weeks 3.7x-8x

Post by ojd01 »

Hello Everyone!

The support on this forum is amazing and so many of my issues (that I have really struggled to solve) have been sorted by all you amazing people! I wasn't sure if this post counted as "macro" or "micro".

As I am learning and adapting my setup (listed below) - I wanted to share some images I have taken during the first couple of weeks - to see what anyone thinks or can recommend to improve.

This is my current setup for reference:

Canon EOS 500D
WeMacro Auto Rail
Comar 2.5x, Lomo 3.7x, Amscope 4x, Lomo 8x (shocking 8x - need a better 8x-10x - already in a post about that)
Zerene Stacker
Two Dual LED lights (creating a housing for my subjects so I can use flash - can't set it off in the house so need a small enclosure for the flashes)

Image 1: Strawberry leaf at 3.7x magnification. 0.8" | ISO 200 ... ew&id=3281

Image 2: Stamen of a Hellebore species at 3.7x magnification. 0.4" | ISO 800 ... ew&id=3280

Image 3: Coffee Granules at 4x magnification. 0.8" | ISO 100 ... ew&id=3279

I am hoping the use of flash will increase these shutter speeds, thus hopefully reducing vibrations caused by long exposures or camera shake. I am in need of a good quality 10x finite objective - I have a page here about this: ... 25&t=43231.

Thank you all for looking.

Owen :)
Instagram: @ojd_photo

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