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Back in the spring I was sitting at my desk in front of the computer when something landed next to me with a soft thud. It was a hornet. It had fallen from the roof space through the aerial feeder hole in the ceiling. Although a beautiful animal, I preferred not to share my workshop with a hornet, so it quickly became a specimen for future examination. I've finally got round to taking its portrait. The insect is just over 30 mm (1.2 inches) long. I've seen bigger ones.

I'm sorry my insects don't seem to be so well groomed as Charlie's! ... this one's excuse is that it had only just woken up after overwintering in a dusty loft.

Anyway, this is 17 images taken through my Wild M8 and the stack processed with Helicon Focus. Lighting is direct through a diffuser, with a piece of white paper folded behind as a reflector:


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Pretty good looking shot there Graham, you can tell that it has been, shall we say "deceased," for sometime by the spots in its eyes. Thanks Graham :D

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