Natural light has its downsides

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Natural light has its downsides

Post by Bonasa »

I still very rarely work with artificial light, and prefer photographing under natural light conditions. Unfortunately, when you find a very cool scene, which you can not take home and will not last too long, and you only have late evening light, the result might not be the best. Even though, this is an interesting moment of ladybug behavior. Recently hatched nymph praying on it's sibling. Photo stacked with zerene stacker


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Natural light

Post by Olympusman »

Still, it's a hell of a shot.

Michael Reese Much FRMS EMS Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA

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Post by MarkSturtevant »

This worked very well. I suppose one could make use of a reflector (a pie tin, for example), for bringing more natural light into a scene.
Mark Sturtevant
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Post by hayath »

Amazing and interesting moment!
Very impactful image

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Post by Dalantech »

To me the specular highlights look really good in that shot, so not sure why you're disappointed with the light. Early morning, late evening, and those days when there are some high thin clouds acting as a diffuser for the big yellow ball are what you really need. Unfortunately your choice of Fstops and ISOs will be limited due to the lack of light reflecting off of such a small scene.

I also like the low angle and the framing on that shot. All around a definite keeper!

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