new 3D visualization of cell structure

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new 3D visualization of cell structure

Post by rjlittlefield »

This article came to my attention today.
Microscopy technique reveals cells' 3-D ultrastructure in new detail ... lls-d.html
It summarizes a fascinating combination of several modalities on the same specimen: super-resolution fluorescence microscopy and electron microscopy, with an ion milling process thrown in to process a 3D specimen layer by layer.

The abstract from ... 5/eaaz5357 :
Within cells, the spatial compartmentalization of thousands of distinct proteins serves a multitude of diverse biochemical needs. Correlative super-resolution (SR) fluorescence and electron microscopy (EM) can elucidate protein spatial relationships to global ultrastructure, but has suffered from tradeoffs of structure preservation, fluorescence retention, resolution, and field of view. We developed a platform for three-dimensional cryogenic SR and focused ion beam–milled block-face EM across entire vitreously frozen cells. The approach preserves ultrastructure while enabling independent SR and EM workflow optimization. We discovered unexpected protein-ultrastructure relationships in mammalian cells including intranuclear vesicles containing endoplasmic reticulum–associated proteins, web-like adhesions between cultured neurons, and chromatin domains subclassified on the basis of transcriptional activity. Our findings illustrate the value of a comprehensive multimodal view of ultrastructural variability across whole cells.

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Post by Tom Jones »

Thanks Rik! Absolutely stunning visualizations. :shock:

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Post by Saul »

Unreal ! Thanks for the link !

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