Pteronarcys Californica -- a large stonefly (plecoptera)

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Pteronarcys Californica -- a large stonefly (plecoptera)

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Yellowstone River, Park County Montana, June 2014
Pteronarcys Californica, locally known as the "Salmon Fly"

This is actually photographed in a light tent. I brought several stoneflies home along with some willow branches and then staged the shot. This is a focus stack using Helicon Remote, which electronically twists the focus ring on the lens, according to instructions from an interactive GUI menu. I have since switched to a StackShot rail from Cognisys.

HeliconRemote is better suited to architectural or landscape stacks. StackShot is better suited to macro work.

Processing was with darktable, ZereneStacker and Gimp.
Darktable in batch mode exports each RAW slice in the sequence to a matching tif file
ZereneStacker does the stacking, then exports an intermediate composite tif
Darktable a second time edits the stacked tif that comes from ZereneStacker.

Gimp does a few last minute noise reductions and sharpening and then exports a final jpeg.

This is a 700 pixel web version


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Very nicely done!
Mark Sturtevant
Dept. of Still Waters

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