My first real micro challenge

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Re: My first real micro challenge

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hotrodder19 wrote:Rik, I have a few flash units but including an SB-700 nikon unit.
Judging from the SB-700 user's manual, that unit should work fine. Use it in "Manual flash mode". See page C-6 and following in the user's manual.
Are you suggesting flash instead of the Jansjo lights ?
More like "in addition to". You'll need continuous illumination to set up the shot, but then turn off the Jansjos and use only flash to actually shoot it.
For what reason.
Because you have severe problems with motion blur, and the short effective exposure time of electronic flash will freeze the motion. Consider normal "street photography". If you were photographing soccer action, you'd get a lot sharper picture with 1/5000 second exposure time than with 1/125.
What other lenses...?
Sorry, one thing at a time. We've been struggling to help you learn how to use the objective. Let's not switch gears and waste all that effort.


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