Free: Zeiss Ultraphot III and Photomic III Stands (Only)

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Free: Zeiss Ultraphot III and Photomic III Stands (Only)

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Over the past couple years I have bought two reasonably good scopes - an Ultraphot III and a Photomic III - to scavenge bits for my Ultraphot II. You probably know how it goes...

Both stands are in good shape, include power supplies (supply cabinet in the case of the Ultraphot), and are free to anyone in the greater Seattle area (no dealers or resellers, please).

The Photomic has the left-side stabilizer arrangement with HBO pumpkin fitting, which is pretty nice indeed, and solves the oft-noted stability problem.

In both cases, I am offering just the stands, focus block, and the power supplies for free - no stage, no condenser or condenser stage, no head, no lighting pumpkins, no objectives, no objective turrets, and no eyepieces. I plan to sell those (at least the parts I am not keeping) to recoup some of the acquisition cost.

I can add a head and optivar, a condenser stage, a lighting pumpkin or two and a phase contrast condenser for a very reasonable negotiated price to one stand, and some of these for the other. I don't have enough parts to fully equip both stands. These parts are in variable but functioning condition, and I am happy to let them go for a very good price to a fellow enthusiast so as not to have to bother putting them on eBay or whatever. You would have to acquire or add a stage, eyepieces, turret, and objectives for a fully-functioning scope, but I think in the end it would be an inexpensive way to put together a great scope.


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