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Here is a pseudoscorpion from Warnham Local Nature Reserve leaf litter leaf litter sampled 14-Mar-2019, here in Horsham UK. I think it may be Chthonius ischnocheles, but would appreciate confirmation, or otherwise. The specimen was mounted in Brunel Alcoholic Mountant (BAM).

EDIT: I had some correspondence with Gerald Legg (who co-authored the FSC key), and based on the epistome and the galea on the cheliceral finger he concluded it is probably C. ischnocheles , so now have come full circle after considering some alternatives.

Leitz Dialux microscope
Objective: Leitz EF 10/0.25
Ocular: Zeiss KPL 8
Partially crossed polarisers for contrast enhancement - also reveals the eyes
Stitch of 12 images in MS ICE

Pseudoscorpion head region
Leitz Dialux Microscope
Objective: Leitz NPL Fluotar 16/0.45 ICT (DIC)
Ocular: Zeiss KPL 8
Substage: Leitz 0.9 NA ICT (DIC)
42 image stack, Zerene Stacker

Pseudoscorpion palpal fingers
Leitz Dialux microscope
Objective: Leitz NPL Fluotar 25/0.55 ICT (DIC)
Ocular: Zeiss KPL 8
Substage: Leitz 0.9 NA ICT (DIC)
Stack of 33 images in Zerene Stacker
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:D Interesting.
Thanks for sharing.

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