A great documentary streaming service

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A great documentary streaming service

Post by zzffnn »

We just found a great nature/science/history/culture/travel documentary streaming service called Curiosity Stream.

I signed up today, watched a documentary about President Abraham Lincoln's life with my sons and we all love it VERY much. Only $20 PER YEAR for today (one can cancel anytime). I heard they don't have many National Geographic documentaries, but that Lincoln documentary was made by Nat Geo.

1080p HD content. View it (internet) on computer, on smartphone or smart TV (or connect TV to your computer).

Curiosity Stream told me I need 5-8 Mbps download to view movies smoothly. I tested my mid level (US) Comcast's speed and found it to be about 18Mbps (8:30PM) to 42 Mbps (11AM), which is more than enough to view 1080p HD (I viewed it at 8:30PM).

My TV is not 4K capable, so I did not test that. 4K subscription costs slightly more, but still very cheap. They only have documentaries, though they claim to have 2000 of them.

Strangely, last night I tried their free content before I signed up, streaming speed was so slow that 480p won't even play smoothly. But it could be an error on my internet connection (which can be corrected by restarting modem). Our viewing of 1080p HD today was perfect and never paused for a moment.

I am not associated with Curiosity Stream, but think forum members (naturalist, science geeks or history nerds) would probably like it too.

You can get a 7 day free trial, then select monthly subscription, then upgrade to annual subscription, if you want to be really safe. But $20 for a year is a great deal.

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