Hello from West Midlands, UK

Lets get to know each other better. Here's a forum to post images and short autobiographies of ourselves as well as any other info you would like to post about yourself.

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Bogdan Alecsa
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Hello from West Midlands, UK

Post by Bogdan Alecsa »

Hi guys,

I'm living in UK, doing microscopy as a hobby and still a beginner at this.
Not much into micro-photography as my preferred subjects are refusing to stand still, i'm trying to video-document and identify all the interesting things I'm finding during my journey.

Nothing fancy, no added music or editing, I'm uploading most of it on a Youtube Channel I've created just to save HDD space and hopefully to inspire others to try it. I'm sharing it here, maybe you find it interesting. (slight chance but worth trying) :)

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9pTGA ... 3tFteaNTAw


- Russian-Chinese Zenith (after brand was bought) - good beginner scope, much better that Chinese counterparts that you can buy new in the same price range nowadays.
- Nikon Diaphot - bargain find, a bit stuck and dirty but managed to clean it and re-grease it myself, not completely but now in a more than acceptable working condition. No fluorescence or DIC on it and also no lenses yet. I'm only playing with a 10x CF lens at the moment. :)
- Leitz Laborlux S - bargain find again, mechanically very good, optics needs a bit of cleaning, no time yet to get into it. Looking for a decently priced trinocular for this one to replace existing binocular head. Also looking for a DF condenser top lense because the condenser doesn't have a filter holder and I'm in love with Dark Field.
- Nikon S - School grade scope built like a tank, needs re-greasing and a new lamp that is nowhere to be found in UK, at least not at a normal price. Planned to put a LED based light source into its base but again no time for it yet.

Best regards,

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Post by ChrisR »

Welcome Bogdan!

I'm sure you've found a good place, for your interests :wink:
Chris R

Alan Wood
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Post by Alan Wood »

Hi Bogdan

The Postal Microscopical Society and the Quekett Microscopical Club hold 2 joint meetings each year in the West Midlands, good places to find bargains and to meet fellow enthusiasts. Visitors are welcome, no need to be a member.

Next meeting:

Report of the last meeting:
http://www.quekett.org/about/reports/20 ... umn-public

Alan Wood

Bogdan Alecsa
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Post by Bogdan Alecsa »

Thanks Alan,

I went to Reading meeting last year and was very pleased with it.
It would really be great for this meetings to happen more often in West Midlands and maybe some outreach activities could be organized in order to atract younger audience to the hobby. :)

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