Small red rock, weathered gray roots, fuzzy green plants

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Small red rock, weathered gray roots, fuzzy green plants

Post by rjlittlefield »


This is just a little still life that I shot on a hike earlier this summer. Same day and just a few hundred feet away from the Bee flies that I posted right after I got back. I ran across it tonight while looking through the files.

I have no idea what any of this stuff is, sorry! But there sure was lot of texture in a little space -- the red rock was well under 1/2" across.


Technical: Canon A710 IS, aperture-priority mode, f/8 @ 1/30. Cropped to about 60%x75% of the original frame.

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Post by Ken Ramos »

Seems I have seen that leafy looking fuzzy stuff before somewhere, though many years ago. Might be a species of cacti but I would not really know for sure, though there are some cacti aficionados on here that probably would know if it were. :-k Shots like this are interesting to sit and peruse afterwards, especially if shot in haste, you never know what you may have captured after the download. :D

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Post by DaveW »

All cactus have areoles, those plants do not. If it is a succulent plant it would be one of the so called Other Succulents, and I am afraid not my field.


By the way the term cacti is plural. A simple way of remembering which is correct is if you can't say cactuses you can't say cacti.

Therefore you can't have a cacti (cactuses), it is I have a cactus.

But you can have many cactuses or cacti.

Similarly you can have a collection of cactuses or cacti.

But not a cacti collection, because you would never say I have a cactuses collection, it would be a cactus collection.


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