Checking interest: motorized Leitz Orthoplan

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Checking interest: motorized Leitz Orthoplan

Post by Tardigrade37 »

I have a Leitz Orthoplan that I have not been using that I am planning to sell. This stand has a motorized focus drive and motorized XY stage controlled by a LUDL MAC5000. This is a rather unusual combination and thought it might be of interest to someone here before I broke up the set and sold it on EBay. It does not come with lenses, eyepieces, or a condenser. It could be with or without the head, lamp house, nosepiece, etc. Or, if you just want the motorized components, you could make an offer on just that as I imagine you may already have the stand.

The motorized components work well and can be controlled by many software packages including the open source uManager. If interested, please contact me.
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Post by ldflan »

Still available? I'd be interested in the stage and motorized components. My plan would be to use them on an Ortholux II. I believe they should work... Do you know how much you want? Thanks!


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