It's a pity those pictures disappear from older posts...

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It's a pity those pictures disappear from older posts...

Post by WalterD »

Firstly I have to say this forum is unique in many ways. With founder Rik Littlefield -also the inventor of the indispensible Zerene Stacker- through the years this site has turned into a worldwide collection of the most interesting microphotos . (and probably macro as well) .Furthermore it's a broad reference tool regarding microtechnique, microphotography aspects and optics (camera & microscope) which I use with pleasure quite often.

More and more i discover that in older threads the original pictures are no longer online, sometimes linked to an abandoned pics host, sometimes appear to have been removed by the authors themselves. This makes the initial posts (articles) a bit obsolete as well-without those pictures-.
I understand an author always has the freedom to do with his images whatever he or she wants, on the other hand removal of so many -sometimes really great- pictures from this forum is a pity. Anyhow they will not return whatsoever.

Authors of articles cannot withdraw their posts after 1 response has been posted, which seems fair enough. Would it be possiible to "archive" (lock) posts somehow, e.g after one year, so the unaltered articles remain accessible for future enthousiasts as well? It's just an idea...
On the other hand I wonder how you manage to host this ever expanding amount of data... Anyhow many thanks!



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Post by eliz »

it's not reliable to let people insert images from other sites.
look what happened to they blocked billion of links to photos on their site.
now that flickr has become commercial it may happen this kind of thing soon. maybe in the future they will block hotlinking for non-pro accounts.

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Post by grgh »

Perhaps a private message to the original author of the post, might illicit the photos from the posting you are interested in?
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Post by Troels »

Lots of 1024 pixels pictures in this forum are active links to full size pictures on Flick, or are followed by a link to Flickr.

If the author has a free Flickr account with more than 1000 pictures, the oldest will be deleted in the beginning of October untill only 1000 are left unless he pays for a Pro-memberhip of $50 pr. year!

I suppose we will see lots of dead links to Flickr in the new year.
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Post by WalterD »

All true, indeed it would be an idea to PM the authors of favorite threads.
Avoiding linking to e.g. Flickr. as primary source (additional okay of course) might help as well.

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