Objectives, Eyepieces etc. mostly Olympus UIS, two Mitutoyos

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Objectives, Eyepieces etc. mostly Olympus UIS, two Mitutoyos

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Cleaning up loads of microscope stuff atm. So I am selling what I don't need or use anymore, or doubles.
Condition is mostly like new, optics are all flawless.

Olympus objectives:
Finite transmitted:
SPlan FL 1x/0.04 160/- 200€

Infinite transmitted light:
UplanFl 100x/1,30 Oil inf/0.17 (2x available) each 450€
UplanFl 40x/0.75 inf/0.17 300€
Ach C 4x/0.10 inf/- 40€
Ach 10x/0.25 inf/- 50€
Ach C 40x/0.65 inf/0.17 100€
Ach C 100x/1.30 Oil inf/0.17 150€

Infinite metallurgical:
UMPlanFl 10x/0.30 BD inf/- 250€
MPlan 100x/0.9 BD inf/0 400€
LMPlanApo 150x/0.90 BD inf/0 850€

Other objectives:
Nikon Plan APO VC 20x Air 0.75 inf/0.17 350€

Nikon CF Plan 2.5X/0.075 inf/0 EPI WD 8.8 250€
Zeiss Epiplan NEOFLUAR 20x/0.50 HD inf/0 300€
Mitutoyo BD Plan Apo10X/0.28 inf/0 350€
Mitutoyo M Plan Apo 20X /0.42 inf/0 550€

Olympus U-DP20 180€
Zeiss prism is already sold.

Olympus parts:
U-BMAD - B4-Mount (Bayonet Mount) Adapter 20€
LWD Kondensor 0.65 (for BH3 f. ex) 80€
C3040 ADU camera adapter 30€
U-MWU Fluorescence cube 190€
U-DAL10X (2x available) 10€ each

Olympus eyepieces / photo eyepiece:
PE2.5x 125 75€
WHC 10 XH (2x available) each 80€, 150€ pair
WHSZ10x/22 "glasses" 100€

plus shipping.
I am based in Berlin / Germany, but could ship around the world.

BR Michael


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