Canon vs Sony electronic silent shutter

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Canon vs Sony electronic silent shutter

Post by benjamind2014 »

I'm thinking of getting into extreme macro. I was looking at the Canon M50 but wasn't certain whether it had a silent electronic shutter which would make shooting stacks easier.

I also considered the Sony A6500. Again I have no idea if this camera has a silent shutter feature.

I have access to a tube setup made up of EOS extension tubes and the 26mm adapters for Mitutoyo objectives, I'd only need to add a Raynox 150 to the setup and it would work perfectly with a Canon. Not sure if there are Sony adapters that would allow me to connect this setup to an A6500. I'm sure at least one adapter exists and I've looked at eBay for some adapters. Many of them look different and seem to have slightly different lengths.

Are there any options in the Canon APSC mirrorless range that would be useful for this setup?

My main concerns are vibration and compatibility. I would really appreciate any help ;)

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Post by JohnyM »

All i can tell you is that a6500 have electronic shutter and efsc.
And that you can hook-up pretty much anything to sont E-mount.

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Post by jurkovicovic »

M50 has electronic shutter according to manufacturer. It can be good, but...
Camera is really strange for me, mainly its bluetooth remote control.
Someone here at forum wrote lately, that camera works bad or doesnot work without lens.
If I understood this post good.
May canon M3 or M5 can be more useful.
canon EOS *

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Post by benjamind2014 »

I decided on the A6500.

It's a very nice APS-C camera, has a fantastic sensor, and overall good features for the money. The other choice would be to go to the A7III which would almost double the price and not really give me a great deal more performance, where I could invest that money in a rail, extension tubes, Raynox, XYZR stage, and still likely have a little change left over.

The lenses (objectives) are even more crucial to image quality than the sensors in these cameras. The benefit of using an electronic and completely silent shutter allows me to use high mag lenses (eg 20x 50x) without worrying too much about vibrations ruining several hundred image stacks.

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