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Reichert-Jung Inverted Tissue Scope - SOLD

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 02, 2018 3:13 pm    Post subject: Reichert-Jung Inverted Tissue Scope - SOLD Reply with quote

I have a late model AO/Reichert-Jung BioStar 1820 tissue culture scope for trade or sale. I purchased it as part of an ongoing project as a relatively inexpensive solution, but eventually switched over to using a more capable and expensive Diaphot. My thinking was that the BioStar could use more modern DIN standard LWD infinity objectives, though the issue of matching phase annuli for the condenser would have to be addressed.

Here are the parts:

1. Reichert-style binocular head – clean and nice. Much nicer than the AO version.
2. AO 10X WF oculars, late model, nice.
3. Rare Leica 20x and 40x LWD phase contrast objectives with collar correction. Both give excellent images and correction collars are fully operational. Both have been mistreated, the 20x much more so. It has chips around the outer edge of the outer element; the 40x has some indications of misuse as well. I’ll post some pics through the Bertrand lens if there is interest in the scope. Nevertheless, despite the apparent damage both objectives work really well. Go figure. I have kept an eye out on eBay for a better 20x. They seem to run about $200-$300, and can sometimes be bought on a whole scope for a similar price.
4. AO 10X Dark Phase objective. A little uncommon
5. AO 4x objective
6. LWD Condenser with phase annuli for objectives above. There is slight deterioration on the outer edge of a couple of the phase annuli, though not enough to be a problem. They could be retouched. The AO style phase ring adjustment system for its condensers was as stupid as their floating turret system was brilliant. This one works as well as any I have encountered, which is to say it’s a bit fiddly, but it does work. Remember to FULLY RETRACT the adjustment keys before rotating the condenser turret. That’s how they get ruined.
7. “Phase-Star” attachment - swing-out Bertrand lens accessory for centering phase rings.
8. Swing-out polarizing filter below head (the polarizing filter is a bit spotty, but it’s a standard size and easy to replace. It does not rotate.
9. X-Y translation stage - this is almost always missing from these scopes.
10. Filter set for condenser (green for phase contrast, blue for color correction)
11. Halogen light and dimmer work fine, but the power supply buzzes. This seems to be typical of these.
12. M42 adapter for the photo-port by RAF camera. You’ll need a short M42 helical focusing mount ($25) to make the camera parfocal.
I will include some spare parts, including a spare stage, and a spare condenser arm assembly that could be useful in designing an LED lighting retrofit.

Pictures below. The Nikon object marker you can sometimes see is not included. I have not done any kind of deep cleaning on the optics. It could use a good cleaning, but it’s by no means terrible as it is.

Anyway, these are potentially very capable scopes and are really pretty cheap on the used market. Like a lot of AO scopes, they are under-appreciated. Unfortunately, the BioStars you usually see for sale have frequently been badly abused and/or stripped of all the good stuff. I ended up buying three of them over the course of a year to get all the bits and bobs to make a fully-equipped scope.

Let me know if you are interested. I figure in parts it probably comes to about $500-$600 on eBay, less their cut, of course. Make me a reasonable offer in cash and/or trade.

In terms of trade, I am interested in Diaphot stuff (especially filter tray and fluorochrome filters for FITC, DAPI, rhodamine, and broad UV exciter), Ultraphot stuff, Zetopan stuff, and maybe Ortholux II/Orthoplan stuff. I am also in the market for a micro 4/3 (or larger) mirrorless SLR with the IR and UV cut filter fully removed (not replaced). Looking for some general lab equipment also (Pharmacia Frac series HPLC components, some other things -- ask and I will let you know).


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