Attach Canon DSLR to Olympus BX51

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Attach Canon DSLR to Olympus BX51

Post by darwin »

Hi guys,

I need your expertise again. Do you think this piece is sufficient for attaching a Canon Eos 450D (or newer cameras with similar sensor size) directly on the microscope without having to crop for vignetting? ... SwWxNYtbPc

Thanks in advance!


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Post by Pau »

Dieter, this is for C mount cameras that have the sensor much closer to the lens mount (17.526mm if standard) than the Canon EOS (44mm)

The EOS needs to be lower to get parfocality, and likely the C mount could also induce vignette

See the Wiki

Some members have done successfully this adaptation, take a look: ... 597#112597 ... 389#144389

Likely you will need to figure a custom adapter, if dismountable the adapter you linked lower part could be a good base

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Post by Ichthyophthirius »

Hi Dieter,

Optically, adapting the EOS 450D is very easy. All you need to do is place the camera 60.0 mm above the camera port. In this position, the intermediate image is projected directly onto the the sensor. No additional optics are needed.

There should be no vignetting if you open the field aperture sufficiently, although the image quality can go down at the edges depending on the objectives you use.

Mechanically, you need an Olympus BX dovetail adapter, a T2 variable length extension and a T2-EOS adapter, together making up 60.0 mm.

I don't know anyone who sells a good BX dovetail adapter but this one could work It's quite expensive and there isn't much information (I haven't tested this one). The alternative would be to have an adapter custom-made.

The adapter you see here ... #msg119801 was made as Pau suggested: get this adapter , remove the top and use it as the basis for a homemade adapter.

Regards, Ichty

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Post by ChrisR »

I'd be surprised if Rafcamera doesn't have one. ... e-dovetail

And if he doesn't, he'll make you one and add them to his list :).
Chris R

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Post by flyer2o12 »

Hi Darwin,

This is the adapter I use with my 750D on my BX51 and I do not receive vignetting. It comes with the t-ring. ... 2749.l2649

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