maybe a new relay lens?

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maybe a new relay lens?

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I am now repairing a Smith-Cassegrain telescope. And among the accessories I find a focal reducer to 6.3 reference 94175. And I've thought ... Ep! this is a converging lens, maybe this works as a relay lens. I measure a focal length of approx 220mm. I have mounted that reducer with extension tubes and a Camera Adapter Meade to adjust the focus, and I have mounted my lens support in front and a 10x objective microscope. With adhesive tape ... I have not been able to cover matt black velvet because some accessories are from my client and there is a hot spot in the center, but the quality, in the monitor that I have connected to the camera, I found excellent. Absolutely no chromatic aberration, absolutely flat field.
Maybe I'm thinking of spending more money on a new accessory ...

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