Scallops’ eyes use millions of tiny square crystals to see

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Scallops’ eyes use millions of tiny square crystals to see

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So, here's a new type of eye for you: two retinas, front-ended by a focusing element that consists of an array of mirrors! ... ystals-see
Magazine issue: Vol. 193, No. 1, January 20, 2018, p. 8

There’s stiff competition for the most elaborate eyeballs in the animal kingdom, but a mollusk that turns up on dinner plates might be a finalist.

Each of a scallop’s eyes — it has up to 200 of them, each about a millimeter in diameter — contains millions of perfectly square, flat crystals that build up into a mirrored mosaic, new research shows. And that shiny surface is curved in a way that lets a scallop focus light onto two different retinas.
The article continues with other fascinating details about the mirrors.

It's a short article, well worth the read.


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