my first rail stack

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my first rail stack

Post by hero »

So I recently got a WeMacro rail, and it's made a huge difference in the ease of stacking. Here's my first try with a housefly.

I'm discovering that the MP-E + MT-24 EX combo is hard to maneuver; it's too bulky at the front. Diffusing the light is also very challenging. A microscope objective is a lot narrower...

5D3 + MP-E 65 + MT-24 EX
f/4.5, 1/125s, ISO 320
Magnification 5X
54 images, Zerene


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Post by Harald »

Hi there hero,
I think this is a great start. Great details and a nice view.
Not shure if the image is a bit under exposed...

Word of advice :D

How about one of those macro/photo tents?
They do a great job when it comes to softening the light :lol:
Kind Regards

Lier Fotoklubb / NSFF

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Post by Deanimator »

The colors are beautiful.

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Post by mawyatt »

That's certainly a great start hero, well done!!

I use the small light tents (sometimes one inside another) found on eBay, they work great for light diffusion as mentioned by Harald. Foam cups also work well.



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