SQL error on posting

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SQL error on posting

Post by monocultured »


I'm getting an error when I try to post. Not sure how to resolve it, suggestions?

Code: Select all

Could not insert new word matches


SQL Error : 1271 Illegal mix of collations for operation ' IN '

INSERT INTO phpbb_search_wordmatch (post_id, word_id, title_match) SELECT 213300, word_id, 0 FROM phpbb_search_wordlist WHERE word_text IN ('following', 'post', 'couple', 'years', 'lull', 'ive', 'taken', 'again', 'read', 'bit', 'curious', 'epi', 'illumination', 'tube', 'mounted', 'wrong', 'order', 'image', 'below', 'quot', 'part', 'aperture', 'sure', 'shouldnt', 'closest', 'light', 'right', 'thoughts', 'both', 'symbols', 'apertures', 'perhaps', 'everything', 'reviewed', 'professional', 'options', 'mounting', 'slr', 'trying', 'reputable', 'ebay', 'vendor', 'started', 'pro', 'solution', '?1000€', 'lens', 'ill', 'poke', 'forum', 'wondering', 'sellers', 'care', 'reccomend')

Line : 251
File : functions_search.php

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