TTL Auto Focus AF Macro Extension Tube Ring is junk

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TTL Auto Focus AF Macro Extension Tube Ring is junk

Post by rjlittlefield »

On speculation, I recently ordered a set of these extraordinarily inexpensive extension tubes:


Alas, I must report that these tubes are completely unsuitable for their intended use. The finish is beautiful, but the fit is horrible. I expected flimsy and fiddly. That much was correct -- first impression out of the box was that the three-part tube was quite wiggly due to looseness in the bayonet fittings. Nonetheless, I mounted the full set of three tubes between lens and camera. At first I was pleased to see that, while mechanically wiggly, the electronic connections did seem to be working. That pleasure disappeared when I took the set apart, tried the rings individually, and discovered that two of the three rings were extraordinarily difficult to get inserted into my camera and the locking pin would not engage in any position. Likewise two of the three rings were difficult to get onto my lens, and would not lock properly there either. Apparently by luck, the only configuration that worked sort of OK was the full set, assembled in the order in which they were shipped. On re-testing, I found that one tube (the long one) did work OK by itself, though oddly, it did not when I tried it earlier.

The difficulty appears to be just ridiculously bad tolerances in the machining. I cannot see any definite reason why the rings are difficult to mount and won't lock.

But in any case, these are going into my otherwise almost empty collection of aesthetically attractive but functionally useless junk. They're not worth returning, and I certainly wouldn't give them away to anybody who might try to actually use them, but it pains me to throw away anything that looks so well made. :(


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Post by Len Willan »

I FULLY endorse your comments, in every count.
I recently experienced with a Canon mount version.
Now recycled as scrap metal.
A dire warning to all!!

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Post by Beatsy »

And a reinforcing additional warning - cheap extension rings can strip the contact pads off your camera's lens mount, an expensive repair (£400 on Sony). Thankfully, it happened to an acquaintance, not me. I have read of it happening to others too.

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Post by Deanimator »

I bought a set of ProMaster tubes from a local Dodd camera and never looked back.

They were overpriced (like most things at Dodd) but they work like a charm on all of my Canon EF mount lenses.

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Post by Yawns »

Don't blame just the rings.. camera bodies can be faulty too...

I have 3 differents Nikon camera bodies ... D7000, D5100, D3200, and I have 2 sets of tubes... One set more sturdy and expensive and a cheap one.. all 6 rings work fine with the D7000 body... only one of the 6 rings works on the D5100... and to make it click in the 5100 I need to use a toothpick and pull a lever down in the camera body...
So camera bodies can be faulty too...
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Post by ChrisR »

I would suspect that the Nikon bodies aren't actually "faulty".
Nikon tubes would doubtlesss work with all their bodies, like their lenses do.
Someone trying to guess the possible variation in bodies, would only cover a limited range.

As far as I know, Nikon unfortunately don't make any AF tubes . (At least not since the old TC16a converter thing.)
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Post by pwiles1968 »

I had a set of thease no name tubes mine fell in half luckily lens did not hit the floor sent it back to Amazon and bought a Kenko set much better quality.

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