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Dear Forum members,

I'm a veterinarian from Hungary. I work with dogs, cats and exotics. But I have a lot of hobbies (or sometimes just interests), this includes photography and microscopy. I succeed in the last few years to put this two things closer, and make pictures enough good and interesting to show other people. I make microscopic images for my work too, but I want to show you rather my playground! Medicine crystals, small creatures, thin sections, etc. My favourite lighting methods are polarized light and colour dark field, but I keep on exploring other techniques always.
I have started a website and an Instagram page to collect my photograps. You can access them here:
Please, feel free to ask me, I will try to answer.
Best wishes!


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Welcome aboard Bálint.
Looks like you'll be at home, here! :)
Chris R

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Welcome to the forum, Balint.

I like your Etomidate image very much!
Selling my Canon FD 200mm F/2.8 lens

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