Hyalodiscus spec. (with 3D Close-ups)

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Hyalodiscus spec. (with 3D Close-ups)

Post by sushidelic »

here's a diatom pic whose stereopairs kept me exploring it for longer than any other before. I guess it's a Hyalodiscus spec, couldn't find any closer match to identify it further. It's from Oamaru as well.
EPI darkfield, 50x Neo Splan.
Diameter pretty much exactly 100µm, distance of the pores on the outer ring ~360nm.


Crosseyed total:

Crosseyed closer - interestig to see the different layers of the pores

And a really close one that only makes sense in 3D - I think it is amazing that you can actually see the pores as little "tubes" on the edge. Remember they're less than half a micron apart. You cannot really tell this from the "mono" image, but in stereo, there's no doubt.

Best regards and thanks for looking,

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This is why i obsessed with 3D. Amazing!

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This is superb -- unexpected 3D structure, clearly and unambiguously revealed by the viewing method.

Definitely among the best examples of why this technique is valuable. Thanks!


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Post by Smokedaddy »

Wow ... absolutely awesome in stereo.

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Very nice

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