Piranha Dalsa photomacrography setup on eBay

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Piranha Dalsa photomacrography setup on eBay

Post by enricosavazzi »

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Piranha-DALSA ... Sw8-tWbrsl

This is way too overpriced to be of interest for a purchase by forum members, but the pictures can give good ideas on how to build a photomacrography bellows system.

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Post by Searust »

Resolution 8192 x 96... I guess you could take pictures of spaghetti and worms and such...

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Post by g4lab »

It is either a scanning camera which takes an 8192 wide slice and steps along the short axis, or it was designed to image moving industrial product such as web printing with the camera fixed and watching the product go buy. Images captured at some submultiple of the 96 pixel spacing and panorama'd together or just analysed for variance. Line scanning.

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