Gypsy moth

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Gypsy moth

Post by Olympusman »

I am assured that this is a female gypsy moth. This has been confirmed from a number of sources, including the Pennsylvania Forestry Department.
So, before I do a post of "Female Gypsy Moth Feet" I would appreciate anyone who can confirm the identity of this moth.

Michael Reese Much FRMS EMS Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA

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Post by ChrisR »

Well it looks from here like

and none of the "confusables" here ... dults.aspx
look right.

I'd risk a small bet ;)

Chris S.
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Post by Chris S. »


I'm no lepidopterist, but your image closely resembles the female gypsy moth (Lymantria dispar) I observed last week on her egg mass in northern Michigan, on a paper birch tree (Betula papyrifera).

Here's hoping you experience only a very mild infestation.


--Chris S.

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