Bugs Up Close by John Hallmen now available in English.

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Bugs Up Close by John Hallmen now available in English.

Post by Greenfields »

John Hallmen was once a regular contributor to this board . His contributions certainly helped me to to get started in photomacrography.

Many members will know of his outstanding stacked photomacrographs of insects, often alive and shot on location and posted on his Flickr site.

His book: "Bugs Up Close" is now available in English, at least from Amazon.uk


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Post by rjlittlefield »

Thanks for the update!

Available from Amazon U.S. also: http://www.amazon.com/Bugs-Up-Close-Mag ... 1629144827


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Post by DQE »

Thanks for the information about this new book.

I just pre-ordered mine at the Amazon USA site, and look forward to enjoying it as a Kindle e-book on November 25th.

I've been showing assorted macro bug photos on my iPad or iPod Touch to friends and acquaintances. It always makes for interesting conversations with anyone who is not familiar with bugs or macro photography. This e-book should be especially useful for such purposes. Of course my grandchildren will inevitably be fascinated, too.

But most of all I look forward to enjoying this new book myself!

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Post by ChrisR »

Hardback has just arrived. (It was cheaper to buy it from the US :roll: ).
Inspirational photos, several familiar ones. They look even better on paper than on the screen.
It's about 26 x 30cm, with a lot in its 190 pages; it's not a "quick flick through". Each photo has a paragraph or two of interesting biological notes, with background every few pages.

Not much about "how" though. He refers to his website http://www.johnhallmen.se/ but I see no tech detail there.
His lighting is something to wonder about, and his retouching. No stacking artefacts, halos, or transparent foregrounds in sight.

A better link to his working: http://makrofokus.se/

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Post by DQE »

ChrisR -

Thanks for the link to John's other web site. I found that translate.google.com worked well enough that I could understand most content reasonably well - computer translation has sure come a long way in a short period of time...

http://translate.google.com/translate?h ... ofokus.se/

The field expedition shown here really looks like a lot of fun:

https://translate.google.com/translate? ... edit-text=

These items and photos are very interesting - I would love to take the courses and join in the field trips that are linked here. It's almost enough to cause me to attempt to learn Swedish and perhaps to emigrate! (insert friendly grins here)

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