Acetone and ATF

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Charles Krebs
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Acetone and ATF

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I have an older DIC condenser for an inverted scope, but the rotating turret was nearly "frozen" in place due to dried up grease. To access and re-lube the inside, three 3mm screws needed to be removed. One came out with a little more force than I was comfortable with (no rust present, and no thread sealant appeared to have been used when made). But the other two would not budge. I put it aside for a few days afraid that I would damage the screw heads, or even break them off.

There are many penetrating oils/fluids made to help out in such a situation... WD-40, Kroil, PB Blaster among the most commonly suggested. But I thought I would try a mixture that I had seen mentioned online in quite a few places (even here... ChrisR mentioned it a few years back). This is a 50:50 mix of acetone and ATF (automatic transmission fluid).

I placed a very small amount (much less than a drop) around the outer edge of the screw-heads on the two stubborn ones. I was prepared to wait a day or two, but after about 1/2 hour I could not resist trying to remove them. They came out easily.

I realize the results could have been exactly the same with with any of the popular penetrating fluids, there's no way I can know. But I'll certainly try it again, if needed, in the future.

(BTW.... WOW! you think Nikon/Canon, Chevy/ Ford are classic areas of disagreement, you should search the discussions about the "best" penetrating fluid. :wink: )

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