A look at stacking artifacts with computer generated images

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A look at stacking artifacts with computer generated images

Post by TheLostVertex »

Having noticed this recent thread, I decided that might be a good segue to a post I started writing on my very incomplete website. I figured now is as good of a time as any to post it, while I am working on other stuff.

My objective was simply to create a sequence of images with depth of field from a 3d scene, and one image without depth of field to compare against. I decided on just making simple objects to try and illustrate stacking artifacts that I tend to encounter in everyday use. I did not have a very clear direction of what best to use for each object, so I consider this a preliminary test ;). There isnt really much of a conclusion to this, but I found it interesting to do none the less.

The page is rather image heavy. If you have trouble with the comparison script, there is a download link for various zip files of all the images at the bottom of the page.
http://www.thelostvertex.com/stacking-a ... cg-images/

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Post by Elivood »

As a beginner I found this very interesting and informative. Thanks for the good work!

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