Help needed with a Wild M40 Inverted microscope

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Help needed with a Wild M40 Inverted microscope

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I have recently purchased a Wild M40 inverted microscope with phase contrast and I am at a loss on how to do the basic setting up, let alone the phase contrast. It has so many adjustments which are not on any of my non-inverted microscopes that I am struggling to make any sense of it.

I can get an image, but I have no idea if it is the best that I can get since I don't know if the lighting stage and condenser are correctly adjusted. I tried searching for a manual for it but there seems to be nothing on Google, so I was hoping that someone here might have one.

It has two phase objectives 10 and 40 along with the rotating condenser attachment holding the two phase rings and a dark-field I have been informed. It also has some swing in filters

Any help for a flumoxxed newbie greatly appreciated.

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