Soviet Fast Tank

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Soviet Fast Tank

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One of my rare forays into the world of macro - I built UM models 1/72 scale BT-5 Soviet WW2 light tank last weekend and thought I'd like to photograph it. The model is approx. 8.5 cm long. Enlarged like this I can see all the faults in my construction! Anyway, it makes a different sort of subject for the forum...


The real thing was designed to run on wheels or track and is shown here with the track stowed. The design was derived from that of the US engineer Walter J. Christie and features the same Christie suspension as was used on the famous Russian T-34.

Approx 30 images in Zerene. Camera: Canon Powershot G-9 with manual focus steps. Exif states: 1/6 sec F5. Light from a long-life bulb desk lamp.

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Something different. Can't wait to see more.

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