Looking for an article on this forum

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Looking for an article on this forum

Post by redcore »

I came across with an old article where a guy mounted a web cam lens (somehow) on microscope lens (if i remember well) and the result was a big macro of a bug from very close distance, without bokeh (sharp at any depth) and the photo looked like taken from fisheye lens...
can anyone help please?

thanks in advance.

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Post by canonian »

If I can't find a post or article with the standard Search within the Forum it is best to use the powerful indexing capacity of Google's searchbot.
Enter "web cam lens microscope lens fisheye site:photomacrography.net" ( play a bit with various keywords) and it will return a bunch of articles/posts.
I came across serveral posts that might be what you are looking for, please try this and find the right article in the search results.

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Post by Greenfields »

This discussion links to examples and other discussions along the lines of your question:

http://www.photomacrography.net/forum/v ... hp?t=14127

Feel free to edit my images.

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