The Unfortunate Aphid's Fatal Encounter With the Nabis Twins

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The Unfortunate Aphid's Fatal Encounter With the Nabis Twins

Post by geddy »

Mounting multiple insects in a studio scene can be challenging, but fun. This is a 120 image stack, Zerene PMax.
Canon 7D, Nikon BD Plan 5x, 30um stepping.
The background is a dried autumn leaf. There are a lot of crossing legs/antennas, but Zerene almost made it right, just a little retouching was required.


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Post by Planapo »

Wow, excellent work giving a first class result, definitely worth the effort!

How did you light the scene?


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Post by ChrisR »

Wow again.
The twins' eyes haven't "gone" either.
Do you breed them for a contant fresh supply?!

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Post by Cactusdave »

Excellent work. A real 'magazine cover' shot.
Leitz Ortholux 1, Zeiss standard, Nikon Diaphot inverted, Canon photographic gear

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Post by crisarg »

Very nice and original work!

Cristian Arghius


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Post by Retro »

Astounding scene. I can't believe I'm actually feeling empathy for an Aphid!
The detail is so vivid, it appears three dimensional. A real masterpiece!


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Post by DQE »

Just an amazing photo!

Very much deserving of the September Administrators Appreciation Award!!

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Post by abpho »

Holy sweet mother. This is superb. All that effort put into one image. Amazing work.

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