FAQ: How can I diffuse illumination? 2. Field setups

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FAQ: How can I diffuse illumination? 2. Field setups

Post by rjlittlefield »

This FAQ thread is long overdue. Much has been written, but it's too hard to find.

Please fill in this thread with links to forum topics and other internet sources that you have found especially helpful.

I'll start...

Morfa shows a "A simple modular diffuser for field work", based on screw-cap yoghurt containers that have been cut to extend over the subject and fairly close to it. See also the longer description posted on Flickr.


On-camera flash can be used with a simple diffuser, strong enough to be work in the field:
On a reversed Enlarger lens Here

See also Bench setups, in this FAQ thread. Some could be adapted.


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Post by conkar »

The DIY chewing gum diffuser

Wrigley has a brand named Extra and they sell the chewing cum in a packaging called bottle pack. It's made of a plastic that are easy to cut with a office knife to form it in the way that you like. The hard part can be to get rid of the left overs of the glue that is left when you remove the sticker. To get rid of the glue I use warm water and aceton.

As shown in the picture the bottle pack serves both as diffusion and protection for the lens. It's usable both for microscopic objectives and reversed enlargement lenses and it suits both field and studio work.




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