Mixed ciliates

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Mixed ciliates

Post by rjlittlefield »

Ken's recent posting prompted me to put this together.

10X NA 0.25 objective, 10X eyepiece, Canon SD700 IS reporting 1/640 sec.

This is from that drainage ditch sample that produced the waterlice.

Offhand I think I see a bunch of colpidia, some paramecia, and a couple of different kinds of hypotrichs. One of the hypotrichs was gracious enough to show us a profile view, just to the right of center in the bottom panel. (This was a fairly thick drop, no cover slip at all, so the critters had a lot of room to turn over.)

All told, quite nice variety for a little chunk of muck!


Thomas Ashcraft
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Re: Mixed ciliates

Post by Thomas Ashcraft »

RIK WROTE: "All told, quite nice variety for a little chunk of muck!"

Life is persistent. Microbes give me hope that life will go on and on and on.


Ken Ramos
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Post by Ken Ramos »

Yep looks as though you have a bumper crop of Colpidium too there Rik. Unlike my recent gathering, I have nothing but Copidium as far as ciliates go and a very large gathering of Arcella, thousands of them! Nice shots :D

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Post by Kite »

life will go on, vive la water bears!

yeah, they say that if the world went nuclear and america launched all its nukes (america can destroy the world 3 times over with its nuclear arms, and GW still persists on making more :roll: ) that only cockroaches would survive. well we microscopists know that microbes would survive too, and eventually mother earth would get new children, that in turn would rape her over and kill her again and again...

sorry, I just hate what humans have done to the planet.
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Ken Ramos
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Post by Ken Ramos »

Speaking of cockroaches, did you know that cockroaches have already breached the boundries of earth and ventured into space? :!:

Yep, they sure have. On one of the Apollo missions, I forget which one, but there was a cockroach stowed away on the spacecraft. Just a tiddbit of unusual information that I heard on the radio while going to work one morning. :wink:

Charles Krebs
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Post by Charles Krebs »

Careful Rik... that's two microscope picture posts in about 5 days. If it gets it's hooks in you those Olympus macro lenses might get dusty! :wink:

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