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Microscope FAQ

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Nikon and Olympus have websites with huge amounts of detailed info.

This page is not very detailed or specific to a particular subject, but does address many of the "basic" or "beginner" questions commonly asked about microscopy:


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Good reference. Thanks.

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I believe the Olympus site is probably encompassed in and expanded by this comprehensive site supported by Leica, Zeiss, Nikon and Olympus.


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Shouldn't this be moved to the main FAQ's forum?

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Good idea -- done!


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For those that like PDF documents, still from Olympus (I found it while looking for a formula for the DOF, which you'll find in "Digital Material Analysis - Fundamental Knowledge - Part 2 - Optical Terminology"):

http://www.microscopy.olympus.eu/micros ... y_7436.htm

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