Evania appendigaster wasp

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Evania appendigaster wasp

Post by quenoteam »

Evania appendigaster wasp

Canon EOS 6D
Mitutoyo M Plan APO 5x 0.14 + Raynox 150
Exposure time: 1/8" - ISO100
Newport 436 linear stage + MJKZZ 2-Axes Motion Controller Extension For Raspberry Pi
Nº photos: 151
Steps: 37.6 µm
Approximate magnification: 4.88x

What does the Evania Appendigaster do?
The Evania appendigaster wasp, far from being feared, should be viewed with respect, as it helps us control cockroaches. The female lays an egg in the cockroach's ootheca from which a whitish larva emerges. This larva devours the cockroach eggs that form the ootheca.


Sym P. le
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Re: Evania appendigaster wasp

Post by Sym P. le »

After Googling ootheca, all I can say is Oooohhhh!! ... That and "Well done!"

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Re: Evania appendigaster wasp

Post by Guppy »

Perfect stack of a beautiful and useful wasp.
I like it very much


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Re: Evania appendigaster wasp

Post by MarkSturtevant »

That is a nice picture! These are commonly called Ensign wasps, and they look pretty weird. I don't think I've seen one.
Mark Sturtevant
Dept. of Still Waters

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