First surface reflections

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First surface reflections

Post by Beatsy »

One of a few sporadic experiments related to receding/repeated reflections at macro scale. Small ball bearings give better depth and perspective to reflections than large ones (middle one in pic is 4mm) but dust and detail on the surfaces begins to dominate up-close. Ugh.

This "desktop handheld" shot shows some promise though (a7r4+90G macro+ Canon MT24-ex twin macro flash). More than cursory cleaning would improve it, obviously, but full-surround diffuse light would usually help too. Well, I tried that and you can't see the recession very much at all. Too subtle. In this pic - the prominent individual flash heads make the recession stand out much more. Further experiments will be undertaken - sporadically :D

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Re: First surface reflections

Post by iconoclastica »

Is this a single shot, or a stacked photo? Assuming it's the former, I 'd go for larger sized full metal objects first, in order not to combine both difficulties (=macro & metal). I found photographing a shiny metal teapot a challenging job. It's not so much the matter of avoiding reflections, but choosing your reflections or rather, pre-imagining them and then realize them. I finaly made the photo with a white tent all around, but other choices do exist.
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