Free: Manfrotto 3232 tilting monopod head

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Free: Manfrotto 3232 tilting monopod head

Post by Chris S. »

Manufacturer photo:
Manfrotto monopod head--downsized.jpg

Can anyone use this? If so, it's yours for the cost of shipping. (Weighs 10 oz., shipped from USA ZIP code 44632. Given the $30 USD cost if new, it's probably not worth shipping outside the United States.)

For field macro, I sometimes want a really good tilt-only head on a carbon fiber monopod. Unfortunately, I never felt this particular tilt head qualified as "really good"--it needs to be tightened rather hard to hold still. I long ago replaced it with a more expensive item from another maker.

Still, this head used to get decent reviews, so apparently there are those who like it. The current version is the Manfrotto 324, which has a 4.5-star rating on Amazon. Looking at the item pictured, it doesn't look as if much has changed between versions, other than size of the tightening knob. My bet is that Manfrotto enlarged this knob to facilitate tightening. If so, my sense is they attacked the "need to strongly tighten" issue in the wrong way; more advanced monopod heads have larger friction surfaces on the tilt bearing, so that less tightening is needed in the first place.

Perhaps people who like it use it with a lighter lens than I did (i.e. micro-Nikkor 200mm or Nikkor 80-400mm with close-up attachment).

--Chris S.

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Re: Free: Manfrotto 3232 tilting monopod head

Post by Pau »

I use this head permanently attached to a column in my vertical macro setup. It needs strong tightening, yes, but then it can handle lots of weight, I've suspended a heavy RED cine camera from it without issues.

Likely not the most useful for monopod field work but an useful part. I would take it if we were on the same side of the pond.

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