Acronis Protection made ACR GUI agonizingly slow (solved)

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Acronis Protection made ACR GUI agonizingly slow (solved)

Post by rjlittlefield »

I'm just passing this along in case it helps somebody else.

I don't use Adobe Camera Raw very much, but it has always worked well for me, until a few days ago. Then I discovered that since the last time I had used it (weeks or months earlier) something had changed that caused the user interface to be agonizingly slow, as in many seconds between screen updates, with the sliders not usable at all. Creative Cloud updates of Photoshop and ACR had no effect.

After some amount of thrashing around, I found the solution in an Adobe Support Community post: turn off the Protection facility in Acronis True Image.

So then, turning off Acronis Protection and relaunching Photoshop made ACR work fine; turn Protection on, ACR stopped working.

Adding Photoshop as a Trusted application, through the "Manage processes" link in the Protection tab of Acronis, also solved the problem.


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