Corrected tube lens for Leica infinity corrected objectives

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Corrected tube lens for Leica infinity corrected objectives

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I've been looking at a Leica infinity corrected objective. I understand that Leica corrects for transverse chromatic aberration and astigmatism in the tube lens. I suspect that the CA could be corrected fairly easily in software, but I don't think that the astigmatism would be easy to remove. I don't want to buy a whole Leica infinity corrected microscope just to use one objective. Is it possible to buy just the correct tube lens? I haven't been able to find a part number/code.

Thor labs sell tube lenses which they claim to be Leica compatible, but I'm pretty sure that they don't offer the correct correction as they also say they are suitable for other brands of objective. I was planning on using the objective with a Raynox or a camera lens, unless I can find the correct tube lens. I worked in an optics lab a while ago, and we had a few Leica objectives which we swapped around with other brands - however, image quality wasn't really a priority and the camera used had a very small sensor so probably didn't see the field edge effects. For that, we used regular doublets.

The objective is a 20x LL 0.4, which I understand (I might be mistaken) has a 30mm WD and is not coverslip corrected. Thanks.

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Hi Josh,

This is late but maybe we can still help.

I don't know a Leica 20x LL 0.40. Do you have a link? There are a lot of Objektives labelled "Leica" that are neither Delta optics nor HCS. Even Leitz objectives are sometimes sold as "Leica".

Does it look like this? ... g-Long.jpg or this ... imgmax=800
In that case you can probably use anything as a tube lens (Leitz metallurgical microscopes have a non-compensating tube lens) but you need a Periplan eyepiece to correct CDM.

Regards, Ichty

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