Mitutoyo 10X Plan Apo 0.28 for sale **SOLD**

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Mitutoyo 10X Plan Apo 0.28 for sale **SOLD**

Post by aidanmoore »

I have two Mitutoyo 10X Lenses for sale, this one appears to be in excellent condition.

$350.00 US + shipping at cost. This will be shipped with a Mitutoyo case with a crack in the clear plastic (no charge for the case :) )

I would be willing to let the buyer test the lens for a few weeks (within reason) and offer a full refund if it does not perform as expected, if we agree to split the return shipping cost. (I'm in Canada) Declared value will streamline import issues.

I'd much prefer to sell this item in this forum rather than eBay as we can communicate directly and save a bit of commission (and now taxes !?!).

I've tested this lens with my known good Mitutoyo 10X, and it performs identically as far as I can see. I've checked the front and rear elements under a stereoscope and cannot see any marks.

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