Images of undisturbed subjects in their natural environment. All subject types.

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I took this shot during my outing to the local national park. I used live view with the camera outstretched in front of me over some blades of grass in a lake. It wasn't the most comfortable shooting pose so as a result not much is in focus but after opening the file on the computer I couldn't resist sharing it. Sometimes the less technical shots are the most pleasing.


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Love the light and the color!

My .02: Next time don't shoot the subject head on, and don't center it. If possible move off to one side and use the rule of thirds (or leading lines) to compose it. The perch being out of focus right in front of the critter's face is very distracting, but you could have avoided it, and gotten more of the critter and its perch in focus, if you had shot the dragon from the side.

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