Hi from Houston, TX

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Hi from Houston, TX

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New here. My current job is a Sommelier at the oldest steakhouse in Houston. Semi-Pro Food photographer.

Looking to meet up with a Houston photomacrography pro/enthusiast to pick their brain over lunch. I’ll buy.

Let me know if you’d like to have a free lunch to help me learn some more about this craft!


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Welcome on board!
Now, where can I get cheap flights...?
Chris R

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Haha thanks! Hope the flight is worth the lunch. Looks like we are going to have to have some steak, lobster and champagne on that luncheon!

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Welcome from Houston, Lazyeye!

I am a macro and micro enthusiast. Not a pro. But I do have a giant 2XL -sized head that has tons of brain there :twisted:

For 5x-10x on-sensor, you don't really need a real microscope stand. $500 sounds about enough if buying used microscope objectives.

Just get some infinity corrected microscope objectives (e.g., Nikon CFI BE Plan 4x and 10x), Raynox DCR-150 and DCR-250 as tube lens, WeMacro rail /system and Zerene stacking software.

Here you can find Robert's lens tests, which include a 4x under $100 comparison (in which he recommended Nikon CFI BE Plan achromat 4x):


You don't have to buy me lunch; I am glad to meet local enthusiasts. I won't resist free Kobe beef though :twisted: Lunch meet is perfect for me, as I am not available in most weekends or at dinner time. My lunch time is very flexible this month (but may be not next month).

If you have enough table space at lunch, I can bring you my microscope rig (Nikon Optiphot) to have some hands-on. But again, you may not need a real microscope for 5-10x.

My Flickr contains some hand-held macro and two micro photos (the foraminifer shell was a hand operated stack from a microscope):

I have not done much studio macro stacking, though I have relevant knowledge from years of reading at this forum.

I used to do some microscopy videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYAEvN ... weWx6uV71w

You can reach me at zzffnn at h0tm8il dot c0m or seven13 eight05 zero175 (text please, if later than 9:30PM or earlier than 8:30AM).

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