butterfly egg arrangement

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butterfly egg arrangement

Post by Photomicro »

The Victorian microscope slide makers used great ingenuity in making impressive slides for wealthy microscope users to own and delight in viewing.

In an era with no radio or TV, it is sometimes suggested that gathering round the microscope was akin to gathering around the piano.

This is one such slide of arranged butterfly eggs. Unfortunately, it has no labels, though it is typical of those sold by W Watson and Sons.
I am unclear if species were kept to yield the eggs, or if these were taken from the wild.

Arrangement is approx. 5mm diameter.

regards, Mike.

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Post by grgh »

Very nice photo and information.
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Post by nanometer »

Very cool, and good analogy.

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Post by Pau »

Both the slide and the image are very nice although i find the image too dark, correcting levels in PS it looks much better for my taste

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Post by leonardturner »

A really interesting bit of history, and a nice photograph. I wonder if people in the future will look at some of our more involved efforts and shake their heads at the work involved.


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Post by MarkSturtevant »

How interesting! From what I see the eggs are all hatched, so that is good. But often the hatchlings eat the egg shell, so I wonder what the story is there.
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