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Lets get to know each other better. Here's a forum to post images and short autobiographies of ourselves as well as any other info you would like to post about yourself.

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Danny wrote:I had a vision (and probably one too many) of a helmet cam...
:D I had a slightly different idea: What about attaching a flash unit to your head? When you take a picture thru the viewfinder the flash can also go off, aimed at your subject. This would make the camera a lot lighter.
Somebody get on that, ok?
Mark Sturtevant
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NikonUser wrote:For those of you who have not yet been "chosen" you may not be aware of the great awards for being "chosen".
"Chosen" refers to the Administrators Appreciation Awards - 2 per month.
I just received my 2nd award - a Coffee Mug;
Really??? I thought it was a joke !!! I never received my mug :cry: :cry: :cry:

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Sorry, did you get lost in space landing here in "show your faces ?


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I can't seem to get LR to publish an 80x80 6k avatar...tells me it's too small so I'll post an image here. Greetings from the Boston area!
Damon Bates
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Er, you mean like
Image ?
Chris R

Ulrik Tønnesen
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I'm a new member around here. The name is Ulrik Tønnesen and I'm from Denmark.


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~Etiam si omnes, ego non~
Todd Billeci
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Post by rjlittlefield »

Just so I have a long-term reference for this thing, is a video interview of me on Janice Sullivan's macro vlog.

The first few minutes are sort of the "origin story".


Some more info at ... ttlefield/ .


Edit: added second link
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Chris S.
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Fascinating interview! :D

The video of mold (shown at about 1:03 in the interview)--with synthetic camera movement created from a single image stack--is mind-blowing. Zerene Stacker's ability to make synthetic stereo and rocking images has always struck me as "should not be possible, but demonstrably is." And now this.

--Chris S.

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Post by Miljenko »

Here is the one from my studio at work. Current workhorse is Nikon D850, Phase One coming soon. Shot with Fujifilm X-T2 and Rokinon 8mm f2.8 Fisheye.Image
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Re: Show your faces!

Post by Cyclops »

Wearing my funky Dali mask
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Re: Show your faces!

Post by JW »

I'll guess I'll join the old farts parade. Here I am with the wife and kids (out of view) enjoying the solar eclipse in Riverton, Wyoming back in August, 2017. Taken on a P/S about 30 minutes before totality.
It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see - Henry David Thoreau

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Re: Show your faces!

Post by TexOkie »

I guess I’ll show my mug. It’s funny that there are almost no photos of me after I got married and before the release of the iPhone. I guess I was always on the wrong side of the lens.
Tulsa, Ok
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