[Ebay listing] Cant pass on this Nikon scope!

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[Ebay listing] Cant pass on this Nikon scope!

Post by JohnyM »

Latest generation inverted nikon for few bucks!

https://www.ebay.com/itm/nanoblock-Niko ... :rk:1:pf:0

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Post by dolmadis »

Yes, I am sure that the price will fly over the next few days especially with free shipping from Tokyo.


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Post by JohnyM »

Probably yes, those bundled, revolutionary full-plastic PlanUltraApochromats are deemed to raise the price :)

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Post by enricosavazzi »

Well, nanoblock items are a kind of Lego copies of the real thing. Not very useful as a microscope.

(just in case some of our members pull the trigger before reading carefully)

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Post by rolsen »

Finally one I can afford :lol:
- Rane

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Post by Macro_Cosmos »


Thanks, exactly what I needed :)
Now I can mount my Nikon F onto a microscope!

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