Autumn pond organism & drawing effect with wrong phase r

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Robert Berdan
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Autumn pond organism & drawing effect with wrong phase r

Post by Robert Berdan »

We have an early winter in Calgary with over 20 cm of snow so far. I returned recently from the arctic so the cold weather doesn't seem so bad, however pond life is undergoing a radical change. I had so much fun over the summer taking pictures of pond life that I am setting up a small aquarium to house invertebrates over the winter. This way I can have material to photograph throughout the winter. I will still explore what is living in ponds below the ice.

Below are a few recent photomicrographs I would like to share - I am working on a couple of articles for my web site where I will post more pictures once I can identify many of the new organisms I have found.

I use a Zeiss Axioscope with a Nikon D500 attached and I was playing with Phase contrast and found if I used a 20X objective with the Phase I ring (for 10X) I got a neat effect that almost looks like a drawing that might be done in Photoshop - only it wasn't - see Brachionus rotifer photos. I have not seen this effect before.

First 3 photos rotifer freshwater Brachionus sp
Top photo - rotifer with wrong phase ring
Second photo - rotifer with Darkfield microscopy
Third photo - rotifer with phase contrast (positive)
Fourth photo - freshwater snail embryo DIC microscopy - 5X objective
Fifth photo - Desmid Spinocosmarium sp DIC microscooy - 63X objective
Sixth photo - Pandorina 40X objective DIC - 32 biflagellate cells
Seventh Low mag DIC 2.5X objective, Insect larvae - water bug hemiptera Agrion damselflie larva


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Post by Harald »

Hi there,
This is great. I excited to follow you through the winter.
There is no snow in the part of Norway where I live so far.

You have given me some inspiration here and thanks for sharing :D
Kind Regards

Lier Fotoklubb / NSFF

Marek Mis
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Post by Marek Mis »

The surprising effect in the first photo indeed, Robert.
Sometimes incorrect using of any technique of the illumination gives surprising and interesting results.


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Post by Jacek »

Very nice

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